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It's time to update your Ginn signature.

They say first impressions are important, but what about last impressions?

We built a beautiful modern signature with a flexible design to work with multiple email clients. If you have any issues, please send an email to Spencer and he'll work with you to get your new signature setup.

Setting up your signature is easy'ish.

  1. Preview your signature first; we want to make sure everything is correct. If something is wrong, contact Spencer to update your information.
  2. Read the instructions that apply to your use case below to understand how to set up your new email signature.
  3. After reading the instructions, find your name and click the download link for your email client.
  4. Once your signature is downloaded, open it in the appropriate email client.
  5. If you see the error message, "click here to download pictures," be sure and accept the prompt to load the images.
  6. Finally, copy and paste all the elements into your email client's signature settings as indicated in step two.
    • Hover over the signature and click to select all (Ctrl + A) the elements in the signature.
    • Select Copy (Ctrl + C).
    • Open the email client's signature settings and Paste (Ctrl +V) the signature in the email body.

Note that the Outlook app for Android and iPhone doesn't fully support HTML email signatures, so it is best to use the plaintext mobile signature.

Turn off any Adblockers or addons that may impact the code.